Oral health isn’t something that’s on the minds of many Americans on a daily basis and when it comes time for a check-up with their dentist, millions choose to avoid it. The mentality is “if there’s something wrong then I don’t want to know”. This is the wrong way to think of it. We understand why it happens though. For some, they choose to avoid the dentist because of the anxiety that comes with a visit for them. Friedman Dental Group wants to help with the sedation dentistry that we offer for these patients.

Now’s the time to take care of yourself. Now’s the time to move towards a healthier future. Through sedation dentistry, we offer a relaxing experience that alleviates the anxiety many people experience with a traditional visit to the dentist. Millions of Americans are afraid of a visit to the dentist. There’s no reason to let this stand in the way of proper and necessary dental care.

If you or somebody you know has a high level of anxiety concerning dental visits then sedation dentistry is something you want to consider. Otherwise known as “sleep dentistry”, this procedure allows you to stay comfortable and calm during any procedure. There are even some instances that allow you to sleep through the appointment – at which point, you are woken up following completion.

We choose to use sedation dentistry as a way to appeal to those have suffer from fear or anxiety, have had a traumatic dental experience in their past, have a fear of needles, a bad gag reflex, has had extensive dental problems, or who has a tight schedule and would like to accomplish considerable work in only a few visits. Sedation dentistry is offered on a wide array of procedures. Don’t hesitate to inquire about how we can help get you towards better oral health today.

Furthermore, this is the ideal solution for those who haven’t been to the dentist in a long time. Sedation dentistry puts you at ease which allows us to accomplish a large amount of work in one visit. These may include porcelain crowns, porcelain bridges, filling replacements, full mouth restorations, implants, or any other required dental work. There’s a lot of diversity in what can be accomplished through sedation dentistry. Our primary concern is to put the patient at ease before we begin any work and we don’t believe there’s any reason we can’t get you the beautiful smile you deserve. Don’t let fear or anxiety stand in the way of having a healthy mouth.

Friedman Dental Group offers a professional staff that has been specially trained in sedation dentistry. Our doctors understand that fear and anxiety can greatly complicate essential dental treatment. We’re willing to work around any fear or anxiety. There’s no reason to worry. We offer different types of sedation dentistry that gives you the chance to choose the type that’s right for you.

Contact Friedman Dental Group today for more information on how we can help you achieve better oral health through sedation dentistry.