Teeth in 1 Day

Dental implants can serve as a long-term solution to your tooth loss, but only if you care for them well. These restorations can dramatically alter the structure and appearance of your smile, allowing you to feel confident about smiling out in public again. Find out how you can best care for your dental implants to get the most out of your restoration.

Caring for Your Dental Implants

While the procedure to have your dental implant inserted into your mouth may be complicated, caring for your new teeth after you have healed is quite simple. Unlike other dental restorations that may require frequent cleaning and removal, you should care for your dental implants the same way you would care for your natural teeth. The teeth should be brushed and flossed at least twice a day, and you should be sure to visit your dental offices for checkups every six months. It may be recommended that you avoid, especially hard foods like ice or nut shells that could damage both your natural teeth and the implants, but you should feel confident with chewing almost anything using your restoration.

After surgery, you may experience soreness for some time as the healing process takes place. For a few days immediately after your implants have been put into place, swelling and tenderness are common. According to the American Dental Association, you should eat a diet that consists of cold, soft foods, and warm soup can also be enjoyed. You may also need pain medication to help with your symptoms, but after a few days, they should subside. At that point you should be ready to return to your normal diet.

Maintenance for Single vs. Multiple Implants

Single implant maintenance is relatively standard as long as you maintain good oral hygiene and have regular cleanings at your dental office. However, if you have an elaborate implant that replaces multiple teeth, the implant might need to be cleaned, removed, and then replaced throughout the years. Your dentist may need to replace the original screws with new ones, and existing screws may fatigue and break down over time if they are not well-maintained.

Life with Dental Implants

After your dental implant procedure, you can enjoy a variety of lifelong benefits. Dental implants are the best alternative to natural teeth, and the restoration will feel, fit, function, and look just like a natural tooth. You’ll no longer need to sit on the sidelines and feel uncomfortable going out in public because of your smile, and you won’t need to worry about your new teeth slipping out of place or falling out. With other options like dentures, these concerns are very real, but dental implants allow you to lead your life without worrying about your teeth.

Dental implants also help to protect your remaining, healthy teeth, unlike other restorative options. Bridges may require that the remaining teeth be ground down to support the restoration, but dental implants don’t affect the surrounding teeth. This means that you get to retain as much of your natural teeth and smile as possible.