24 06, 2015

Is Sedation Dentistry For You?

June 24th, 2015|Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Related, Dentistry, Specialists|

Most people give excuses when the time comes to make that trip to the dentist’s office and this is because of fear. If you are one of those characters who tense with fear every time you enter the dentist’s office, then you might want to consider sedation dentistry. Some people are usually perfectly comfortable when […]

2 12, 2014

Study Shows One in Five Americans Prefer Visiting the Dentist to Learning About Money Management

December 2nd, 2014|Blogroll, Dental Related, Dentistry|

For an astonishing number of Americans, learning about money management from a financial adviser is even less enjoyable than pulling teeth.

A new study conducted by Springleaf Financial, a financial advising firm based in Evansville, NC, shows that 17% of Americans — nearly one in five — would rather seek out general dentistry services from their […]

15 11, 2014

Don’t Let Holiday Treats Derail Your Good Dental Hygiene

November 15th, 2014|Dental Related, Dentistry|

If you are like most Americans, your holiday season will likely be filled with good food and holiday treats. While it is tempting to eat up every delicious thing that you see, many adults and teens fall victim to gummy, chewy, sticky, and hard snacks that can be hard on their oral health. These treats […]

31 10, 2014

Dentists Work to Provide Dental Care to Children With Autism

October 31st, 2014|Dental Related, Dentistry|

For many parents of children with autism, regular trips to the family dentist can be difficult at best — and impossible at worst.

The unfamiliar environment, bright lights, strange noises and break in routine of general dentistry services are often enough to make an autistic child frightened, even panicked.

For 13-year-old Camryn Cunningham, an autistic child, routine […]

13 10, 2014

How to Find a Family Dentist

October 13th, 2014|Dental Related, Dentistry|


Having a health, attractive smile is more important than most think. According to a study from 2012, 96% of adults believed that an attractive smile made a person more attractive to the opposite sex. Conversely, failing to take care of one’s smile can negatively impact him or her. The same study found that 74% of […]

4 09, 2014

What to Expect at a Dental Cleaning

September 4th, 2014|Dentistry|

After you’ve finished your dentist search for the best dentist in town, it is time to learn the importance of general dentistry services.

Preventative Care: General dentistry services are a way to prevent gum disease, tooth loss, and tooth decay. Gum disease is the most common cause of tooth loss among adults, while tooth decay is 15% […]

23 08, 2014

What does a General Dentist Do?

August 23rd, 2014|Dental Related, Dentistry|

General dentistry practices have changed a lot over the years. There was a time when the general dentist was also the local barber, the town doctor and maybe even the veterinarian for a town. The general dentist dealt with all of the problems that people had with their teeth and gums.

A dentist is no longer […]

23 08, 2014

The Importance of Pediatric Dentistry

August 23rd, 2014|Dental Related, Dentistry|

Most people realize that when their adult teeth come in, they will not be getting any more teeth. They know that these teeth will have to last them a lifetime and since they can come in when a child is between 6 and 13 years old, that could mean they need to last 70, 80 […]

29 07, 2014

How to Prevent Root Canals

July 29th, 2014|Dental Related, Dentistry|

Last year more than 20 million American had a root canal procedure done – that’s right, just last year alone! Understanding more about how root canals occur will allow us to take the necessary precautions to avoid having them in the first place. A root canal is the process of removing infected, injured, or dead […]

28 07, 2014

How to overcome your fear of the dentist

July 28th, 2014|Dental Related, Dentistry|

More than a third of Americans suffer from dental anxiety. It is much more prevalent than one would assume. If you’ve been putting off overdue dental work because of pain and anxiety, you’re not alone. Here we offer a few helpful hints to help you overcome your fear to get the type of treatment and […]