Finding a highly skilled cosmetic dentist can be the difference between getting the smile you want and a serious disappointment. There are many things to consider, from a cosmetic dentist’s credentials and continuing education to a cosmetic dentist’s experience with the procedures you want performed. We’ve outlined the main question you need to ask before making a decision about choosing a cosmetic dentist vs a prosthodontist.

A cosmetic dentist is a general dentist who underwent one or several courses to learn how to achieve cosmetic results. A Prosthodontist on the other hand is a specialist in cosmetic dentistry and underwent after dental school three extra years of training to learn how to achieve the ultimate cosmetic results. A prosthodontist is a specialist of the restoration of teeth which includes crowns, implants, bridges and other restorative or surgical procedures.

Whether you want a few porcelain veneers or a full mouth of crowns, implants and bridges, dentures on implants or other advanced procedures, prosthodontists have the most extensive training in the field. So before choosing a dental provider, it is important to look at the credentials to avoid any disapointment especially if we’re talking about esthetics.