Statistics show that approximately 50%+ of those who do not visit regularly the dentist, do so because they struggle with dental fear. These people are afraid to go even for a checkup, not to speak of undergoing a root canal treatment.

However, you need to understand that healthy gums and teeth play an important role pertaining to your overall health, so you should definitely not postpone any needed dental treatment.

How to overcome your dental fears

First of all, you need to find yourself a very patient and understanding dental professional. Ask around from friends and family members maybe they can redirect you towards a very kind, direct and friendly provider who is even willing to use the “show and tell” technique with you.

This technique is used by skilled dentists in order to help people with dental phobia get through treatments. You will be simply shown every single step of the treatment, and the dentist also presents to you the tools he is going to use. This technique helps reducing your anxiety by about 60%

Get to know the dentist and the dental practice. On your first visit you should go for a dental checkup, and also get acquainted with the environment.

One very good tactic of easing your dental fears is to choose getting treatment in the early morning hours. This way, you will not have to spend the entire day at work being anxious and thinking about what will happen at the dentist. Have a good night’s sleep, and present yourself to the dentist early for the appointment. Then, take the rest of the day off if possible, in order to relax.

Don’t be afraid of the first dental visit. This is when the dentist will only check out your teeth. There are no drills involved, no injections or any other painful dental procedures. Therefore, you can go to your first dental visit without any anxiety

Don’t go alone to your dental appointment. It can be extremely helpful if you know that outside there is a friend or a family member waiting for you. It offers plenty of comfort, and it really helps in easing your dental anxiety.

Talk with the dentist and let him know that whenever you are feeling pain, you will just raise your hand so that he can stop. Knowing that you can stop the dentist anytime during the procedure, will also give you a lot of comfort, and a feeling that you are completely in control of the situation.

Talk with your dentist and ask him to perform first the “lighter work”. For instance, you will first get the dental cleaning which does not hurt at all, or the dental polishing. By the time you went through these treatments you already trust the dentist and feel comfortable with him, so more complex dental procedures can now start.