Courses taken

Dentures or dental implants, the level of qualification the specialist has will eventually determine just how successful the procedure goes, even for those who claim to give their clients new teeth in one day. Nobody wants to feel guilty or afraid when smiling, talking or eating because of problems with their teeth. Poor dental implants procedures might result in future problems and expenses as one fights to rectify past mistakes. It is with this in mind that the first item on the checklist should be the qualification of the specialist. This is not always the case, but the longer the duration of the course, the higher the qualification of the specialist.

Guidelines and legal standards

For the first timer looking around, one might feel overwhelmed with the number of procedure options available, and specialist qualifications. It is important to note that just because the practitioner claims it is does not necessarily mean the training meets the guidelines of the dental field and the legal standards of care. It might be helpful to have a practitioner that is well trained, but make sure their qualifications meet legal requirements.


In a world where there are numerous specialists, the differentiating factor will be their experience. Ask them about the number of years they have been in the business, and how many implants they have done in the past. Do they offer to solve problems with teeth in one day? Additionally, when considering experience, ask them about their success rate with dental implants. Have they ever had any issues with patients? How were these problems solved? If possible, have them provide contact information for past patients and call to confirm. Have them also provide multiple before and after case photos.

The clinic

Both the specialist and the clinic they operate from will eventually determine the success of the procedure. When dealing with a clinic, make sure, for the continuity of care, to always deal with the same practitioner or contact person. Still, even if they change, the equipment available to the clinic will be the same. Choosing a high level clinic even when it’s a new teeth in a day operation guarantees quality.

Professional organization membership

Always confirm whether the individual involved is a member of a professional organization. These organizations normally have strict rules and regulations, and keep high standards of operation for their members. Further, the fact that they are in close contact with other practitioners in the industry means they will always be privy to information about the latest developments in terms of drugs, procedures and equipment. Disciplinary records and cautions will also be available when the specialist is a member of such an organization.