Before having dental implant surgery done, perhaps one might want to know all there is to know about dental implants.

Dental implants are typically made of titanium, and are a safe and reliable replacement technique which starts right at the root of the tooth. It is surgically placed at the root and designed to fuse with it, forming a foundation as strong as that which one would have with natural teeth. There are two general types of implants;

  • Endosteal implants are normally placed in the jawbone. They are shaped like small screws. Plates or cylinders and are the most common type of implant used today.
  • Sub-periosteal are normally placed on the gum but above the jaw. They are typically used for patients who either do not want to undergo the full procedure or those that have a shallow jawbone.

Both types come in different shapes and sizes. The dental implant expert will be in the best position to determine the most useful shape for one’s teeth.

How they work

Teeth that are restored through dental implant surgery and feel exactly like natural teeth. But how exactly do they work? The dental implant surgery is as follows;

1. First, the dental implant is placed surgically into the jawbone
2. As the teeth heals, the implant will then fuse with the natural bone, and the two will then grow together forming a strong foundation for the replacement teeth. The healing process can take anywhere between a few weeks to months
3. After the implant is fused with the jawbone, a small connector is placed at the top to connect it with the replacement tooth
4. An individual tooth or dentures are then attached to the connector

It is important before beginning the dental implant surgery procedure that it might look simple, but it is a fairly complicated process, and not ay dentist can safely complete it. They must be carefully placed to avoid the likelihood of future complications or failure. Choose only an expert that has the right basic education, qualifications and experience. People choose dental implants because they desire the best looking natural teeth replacements for their damaged or missing teeth. They do not slip or crack, and have been proven to be a long term solution, unlike others which might need replacements after a few years. They also maintain a healthy jawbone and help in keeping an intact facial structure. Today, many individual with teeth related problems prefer them to dentures.