dental implants procedureDental implants are one of the best ways to restore an individual’s smile. The implants can  provide a replacement for a lost or broken tooth that looks natural. The replacement tooth will  provide a strong bite and will last for many years. Dental implants have the highest success rate  among the dental restorative procedures and for that reason are something that more people are  turning to.
Not all dental implants are the same. While most dental professionals will use the same basic  procedure, they do not all have the same skill as each other. They may not have access to the  best equipment and they may not have had as much training as other dental professionals. The  differences in the different dentist that perform dental implants is the reason that people seeking
this procedure should take their time to make sure they choose the right professional.
The general dentist
The first place a person may turn when considering dental implants is their general dentist.
This is usually the dentist that most people have experience with. While there are some general
dentists who perform dental implants, they may not be the best option. They will not have the
experience with the procedure and may not have access to all of the equipment that is needed to
do the dental implants well.
What a general dentist can do is provide information. They can tell a person what a dental
implant will do and what it won’t do. They may also be able to recommend a dentist that
specializes in this type of procedure.
The dental surgeon
Instead of turning to the general dentist to have this procedure done it would be better to find
a dental surgeon. Dental implants are considered a surgical procedure. It is possible that they
are done in an office setting, but the dental surgeon has had the extra training needed to do this
procedure well.
When searching for the right dental surgeon, there are a few things that should be asked.
• What is the dental surgeon’s experience in dental implant surgery?
• How many of the procedures does the dental surgeon do annually? Although it is
important to have a dentist that does a number of these procedures, a surgeon that is
performing too many can be a danger as well. You want the surgeon to take the necessary
time needed for your case.
• Has the dental surgeon had additional training over the years of their practice? It is
important that a dental surgeon is aware of advances made in the field.
Consider the cost 
Dental implants are not cheap. They can cost between $3,000 and $5,000 a tooth to have done.
While the prices are not always an indication of the work that is performed, it needs to be
considered. A dental surgeon that charges too little needs to explain why their costs are lower
and a higher priced surgeon needs to explain what they offer that is worth spending more.
A person needs to take their time to find the right dentist to do their dental implant surgery.
A mistake can be very costly both physically and financially. It is worth checking out several
surgeons to help find the right one for you.