Halloween may have come and gone, but now there are likely mountains of candy sitting around your home waiting to be eaten.

It’s no secret that the best family dentist for children will likely advise against you and your family eating all the Halloween treats you took home this October 31st. This is because after eating just one piece of candy, the sugar will break down into acid — which stays on the teeth for as much as 20 minutes, eating away at the enamel and increasing one’s risk for tooth decay and gum disease, which require costly general dentistry services.

However, the best family dentists and general family dentistry offices should also tell you that a little indulging is okay, as long as your everyday brushing and flossing habits are maintained. To make sure your family chooses the most teeth-friendly treats, here’s a list of the best — and worst — Halloween snacks for dental hygiene to make your post-All-Hallow’s-Eve snacking a little more conscientious.

The most teeth-friendly candies:

    • Chocolate — especially dark chocolate, which contains healthy antioxidants
    • Sugar-free candies
    • Chewing gum, which promotes saliva production that helps keep teeth clean

The worst Halloween candy:

    • Taffy, which sticks to teeth and braces and leads to more plaque production
    • Caramel, another culprit of sticking in between teeth and braces
    • Hard, fruity candy that can crack teeth and puncture gums when bitten into

When your family understands which candies are okay to indulge with — and which ones to avoid — your post-Halloween days can be filled with smarter, healthier treats that help preserve everyone’s dental hygiene.

Have any other good tips for staying healthy and hygienic around Halloween? Share with us and your fellow readers in the comments!