dental implant diagram

Are you fed up with your ill-fitted and loose dentures? Are you fed up of your missing teeth? Do you have to face a situation of embarrassment and shame in public gathering because of you decayed, chipped or missing teeth? No, not anymore! Now, in just one day, you can get your missing teeth replaced with new implant and restoration!

Whether you want to replace a single tooth or the whole row of missing teeth, you can now easily regain your self confidence, smile and the capability of chewing and eating just like you did before, in less than twenty four hours. All the credits go to the immediate load dental implants.

In the traditional route of implants, a huge amount of time is required for various surgeries, longer periods of time for the implants and its restorations. But now, the latest techniques have made it so unique that it allows you to have teeth implant and walk out the room with your new sparkling teeth in a couple of hours.

This process takes less than ten hours,  which includes all the processes like the extraction of the decayed or fractured tooth, the proper placement of the dental implants, and then the installation of the whole new set of tooth or teeth.

Now, you do not have to wait for longer periods of time in order to wait for the bones to grow according to the implanted root so that you can now replace the unsightly teeth with the implant that is supported by the false tooth.

You can enjoy a huge amount of advantages of the immediate load dental implants:

  • It discards the need for the bone grafting.
  • This process is convenient and quick as it eliminates the tons of visits to the dental clinic.
  • It effectively enables you to regain your smile, to chew properly without any pain and to speak properly with confidence and clarity.
  • It also massively offers the dramatic improvement in the your capability to eat every type of food.
  • A minimum time of recovery is required for this type of dental surgery
  • This type of dental surgery requires a short period of time and lets you gain your smile back in one day.
  • The most epic thing about this surgery is that you easily get rid of your dentures that are uncomfortable and uneasy for your life.
  • It takes just one month to get your bridges or permanent crowns anchored on the dental implants.
  • It greatly saves you from further gum recession and bone loss
  • After the surgery, you get natural looking teeth that feel so fresh.
  • After a specific period of time, the prosthesis becomes as strong as your natural teeth and the jawbones become much denser.

These new teeth require as much care as the real teeth require. Plaque will occur on the surface of your crown or implant just like it occurs on the surface of your normal teeth so brushing and flossing on a regular basis is very important to keep your mouth clean and away from other infections.