The price of one tooth implant will range from $1000 – $3,000 in addition to $500 – $3000 for the crown and abutment, for an average overall expense of $4000, according to reports by Dental Implant Cost Guide readers. If you’ve recently lost your tooth from gum disease (gingivitis), tooth decay, from injury, or periodontal disease, you’ve been curious about or considered dental implants and how to get new teeth.

Factors Affecting the Cost to Get New Teeth

  • Initial procedures like CT scans and x-rays
  • Crown and abutment, type and material of post, and brand (manufacturer)
  • Surgery complexity
  • What teeth and how many teeth must be replaced
  • Where you reside (some cities are significantly more expensive)
  • The particular surgeon’s/dentist’s popularity, specialty, and experience
  • How many experts are involved within your case
  • Prosthodontics creation
  • Extra procedures (if needed) like bone grafting and sinus elevation

While obtaining a quote, keep in mind that the overall cost includes a variety of elements of the procedure. There’s the price of the implant and procedure, the price of the abutment, as well as the price of the dentures or crown. There might also be extra fees for the anesthetic, scans, and modelling.

Insurance Coverage

The first step to do is check with your insurance provider to check if implants are covered on the plan. If it is not, you may speak to your dentist professional’s office to figure out if they offer or can advise other payment options/plans. You also can ask if they will cover part of the expense equal to an alternative treatment which IS covered by the plan like a bridge or dentures.

Keep in mind that the dentist is there for you and is going to help you in any way possible and offer you all of the details needed, so do not be hesitant to ask. Unfortunately, most insurance plans cover 10 percent or less of the overall price of implants, yet significantly provide more coverage for more traditional options like dentures. It’s oftentimes because many companies categorize implants and cosmetic procedure. In some instances, surgical expenses may be covered by health insurance. That said, an increasing amount of insurance providers are beginning to give some coverage as they’re realizing the long-range health benefits over additional options of treatment.

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