Dentist and beauty consultants agree that beautiful teeth play an important role in facial beautification. Whiter teeth and healthy teeth improves confidence, makes you look younger and more attractive!

Over time teeth become stained from the normal consumption of dark colour substance including smoking, coffee, wine and other different foods and drinks. There isn’t a way to stop this natural process in life. General aging do cause teeth to stain and become dull. Stained, discoloured and dull appearance of your smile can cause you to look older then you actually are.

Missing teeth, fractured teeth and periodontal disease can make your smile look old and can make you look older than your age.  Although often over looked as a remedy for “anti-aging” or a “way to make you look your best”, a dental makeover can reap huge benefit to your looks yet in a non-dramatic and subtle way.

Generally the simplest dental makeover is by teeth whitening, crowns, porcelain veneers or dental implants. These can be performed by a dentist or by a prosthodontist.  Practically anyone is a candidate for an improved smile and can achieve impressive results. As always, choosing a reputable dentist or specialist can really make a difference between gorgeous results and a pure disappointment.

Depending on the procedure that is appropriate for you, a smile make over is an accessible option to improve your looks, this could make you look younger, more confident and even make you appear to be more friendly to others as you are more willing to smile.