Any dental work done to serve the purpose of improving the appearance of the teeth, gums or bite of people is referred to as cosmetic dentistry. The dentists who specialize in this specific area of dentistry are better known as ‘cosmetic dentists’. Although this area of dental care is not recognized as a formal specialty dentistry area, still a number of dentists use the term cosmetic dentist. ¬†We all go after appearances, such is the state of the present world. Therefore the significance of a perfect smile accredited to a flawless set of teeth cannot be undermined. This is the point which cosmetic dentistry aims at and gives the person the break to get himself a perfect set of teeth and hence this way restores the prettiest smile.

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry:

If you ask me, I would say the greatest success of cosmetic dentistry lies in that it actually helps to boost the self-esteem of an individual and helps him in feeling good about himself. As a result a person can feel more comfortable around people.

People who have chipped, broken or discolored teeth are likely to be reluctant in mingling with people as they do not wish others to detect the issues with their teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is the panacea to all such worries; it eliminates these issues and aids people in regaining their lost confidence when interacting with others.

You know what the best bit is? It is everlasting thus leaving behind no need for frequent visits to the dentist clinic for follow up. This ultimately helps to save both time and money.

The pain one goes through during the recovery phase is far less as compared to other types of cosmetic procedures carried out.

The person who undergoes this procedure can return to his normal life routine shortly after the procedure as the recovery time is very less in comparison to other procedures.

By reducing the signs of aging, it will impart to the person a youthful appearance and a good feel.

The outcomes of cosmetic dentistry are rendered its greatest advantage as these are clearly manifest; it is something that many people may go for.

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry:

Teeth whitening or tooth bleaching is undoubtedly the most commonly utilized cosmetic dentistry procedure done to lighten the discolored teeth. Tooth reshaping is a process in which the shape, length or position of the teeth is changed to make sure that you wear the perfect smile. Some other procedures include, butt reclamation, dental bridges, bonding using veneers, gum lift and dental implants. Also, there are new procedures being developed very often in cosmetic dentistry.


A vast variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures are available to select from. All these utilize different quality products, hence the price for these dentistry procedures vary based on the procedure and the quality of the products that are being used in the procedures. This form of dentistry is however not covered by most of the insurance companies; these procedures may therefore weigh heavily on your pocket. Hence people have to think twice before going for a single procedure.