Dr. Alan J. Bussell Profile

Dr. Alan J. Bussell

In the past, dental offices were treated much like hospitals, and they did not have many problems turning their practice profitable. Competition and a level playing field mean that they now have the exact same challenges that face other entrepreneurs. They have had to adapt to thrive in their industry. The following are some of the strong points of the modern successful dentist.

They have a vision, and this is important for almost any professional. The best in the business have an impressive clarity and conviction. They know where they are driving their business, and exactly how to get there. They can tell their clients without hesitation what they are planning to do way into the future. The conviction and confidence turns them into more than just professionals, it makes them leaders. Dr. Bussell has nurtured a vision to be the best dental healthcare provider, committing to quality service by the experts and staff, as well as state of the art equipment.

Despite this conviction, they know they do not have everything figured out and have that hunger to learn. They are not afraid of admitting to themselves and others that they need constant educational upgrade. They are not afraid of the expense of education, and can take their whole team on a training course if they think it will be helpful. They consider it an investment and not an expense. The need for constant educational upgrade is also sometimes borne out of a need to stay ahead of the competition. The more diverse they are, the more the patients they attract. There are many possible fields of specialization; cosmetic, pediatric and general dentistry as well as dental surgery. At Tamarac, Dr. Bussell has committed himself and his staff to continuous education and improvement, always looking to learn the latest techniques and offer the best to customers.

Dentistry is almost as much about business as it is about the technical aspects. In fact, a famous quote divides it into 51 per cent business and 49 per cent technical. It is important they understand that financial success is a by-product of dental excellence, and not a goal. Dr. Bussell and the Tamarac Dentists clinic offer friendly financial services and quality, affordable dental service.

While education is important, the learn best by applying what they learn to their practice. Experts say that the biggest gap in the world is that between knowledge and its application. The more these dental professionals apply what they have learnt, the better they become. This is the reason experience is one of the biggest determinant factors when patients make their choices. Dr. Bussell has been in the business since 1974, and this speaks volumes of the amount of experience he has in the business. Any company or individual that lasts that long in any industry must be doing a few things right.

The best in the business recognize the value of belonging to professional organizations. They realize that the reputation and stringent conditions that comes with being part of such organizations helps build both their reputation and service delivery standards.