Your teeth will undergo a lot of wear and tear during your lifetime. Age, genetics, lifestyle and environmental factors, physical activity, and eating habits will take their toll in various forms. While teeth are naturally strong and built to endure stress, enamel is not immune to damage. With reconstructive dentistry from Friedman Dental Group, damage and decay do not have to mean tooth loss or deterioration of your smile. You can keep your beautiful, radiant smile intact with the latest reconstructive dentistry techniques.

Reconstructive and Advanced Dentistry

Let our experienced reconstructive prosthodontist restore damaged teeth, including cracks, chips, fractures, discoloration and missing teeth. With procedures like dental implants, overdentures, crowns and porcelain veneers, no one has to know your teeth have undergone a transformation! With Friedman Dental Group, Dr. Eli Friedman, can correct virtually any tooth imperfection, to help you achieve a stunning smile and enhance your self-confidence.

As a Prosthodontist, Dr. Eli Friedman is a specialist in repairing and rebuilding the most extreme of dental problems. This can include replacing 1 missing tooth, up to replacing all teeth, and everything in between. For those patients who have had bad dental experiences in the past, or know that their dental situation is advanced in nature, a prosthodontist is the doctor of choice to thoroughly plan, discuss, and execute the treatment to restore a patient to a state of health, beauty, and function.

Patients who have severe damage to their dentition, need a prosthodontist who can listen well, carefully diagnose and plan treatment, and perform the quality treatment needed to provide the best possible results.

See our smile gallery for our latest transformations.