Millions of Americans avoid the dentist. Some had traumatic experiences as children. Others suffered pain as adults. Still more were swayed by stereotypes in movies or parental horror stories. No matter the reason, far too many of these individuals simply stopped seeking routine dental care because they were frightened. Even when they were faced with such warning signs as pain in their mouths or gums these individuals still failed to visit the dentist. Now they’re jeopardizing not only their dental state, but also their overall health status. If this sounds like you, we want to help. Whether you’ve been postponing a simple dental checkup, or thinking of a brand-new smile, now’s the time to take better care of yourself and to move forward into a healthier future.

Sedation Dentistry

Modern dentistry offers many new tools and options such as IV sedation dentistry that make necessary treatments not only tolerable, but also even comfortable. Schedule an appointment in Plantation, West Palm, or Coral Springs, FL to learn more!