In order to keep your dentures looking great, you have to administer proper care techniques and seek denture repair when necessary. However, since dentures are not your natural teeth, there are typically a few steps that are different in their care process. Caring for and repairing your dentures in Florida is not difficult, but something you need to practice regularly.

Proper Denture Care

In order to avoid accidentally dropping your dentures (which could cause them to break) stand over a towel or a sink with water in it when you are handling your dentures. Similar to your natural teeth, you will need to brush your dentures each day. It is important to note that you should not use traditional toothpaste for this, but rather a mild soap or denture paste especially designed for this purpose. This will ensure that none of the delicate parts are damaged, which can occur due to the abrasive components of most toothpastes.

The brushing process will remove plaque and food and help to prevent permanent stains on your dentures. Be sure that you use a brush that has soft bristles and that is specifically designed for cleaning the dentures. If you use a hard-bristled brush, it may wear down or damage dentures. Once you have gotten the proper brush, gently brush all surfaces without bending or damaging the plastic attachments. In between the brushings and after a meal you should be sure to rinse your dentures.

What to Do when You Take Dentures Out?

It is important that you keep the dentures moist when they are not being worn. If you do not do this, they may lose their shape or dry out. When you take them out, place them in a denture soaking solution, or water.

Denture Repair Information

When you initially receive your dentures, you may have several follow up appointments to make necessary adjustments. You should not ever attempt to adjust or to repair dentures on your own. While there are a number of do-it-yourself repair kits available, these can cause permanent damage and weaken the entire structure.

If you have dentures that do not fit properly, or that are broken, it is important to seek repairs from a professional right away. In many cases, your dentist can complete necessary repairs the same day; however, you should never ignore the issue as it will only become worse. Properly caring for your dentures will ensure that they last for a long time and do not have to be replaced.