Pros and Cons of Chewing Gum

Many people have a habit of chewing gum, but did you ever think about the benefits it can have? One pro, believe it or not, is gum chewing relieves heartburn. The extra saliva in your mouth actually balances out stomach acid. Chewing gum for at least 30 minutes is said to give you up to 3 hours of heartburn relief. If you are worried about the sugar intake from chewing gum there are healthier and organic benefits.

Bacteria causes’ bad breath, by chewing gum you can make your breath fresher, not by just covering up the smell, but your breath “actually changes.”

Last of the pros of gum chewing, and the most favorite of them all, losing weight! Chewing gum can trick your mind especially when you’re bored. This leads to weight gain. Stay away from those snacks and pop a piece of gum in.

The cons to chewing gum are there as well. Chewing can provide excess wear on your teeth, tooth decay, and weaken teeth. If you already have issues with your jaw chewing gum will irritate jaws of people with TMJ.

For many people, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.