Before you think about going abroad and getting dental implants, here are a few things you should consider. Don’t take the plunge just yet.

Dental implants are simply replacements put in the place of missing teeth through a surgical procedure. At times a titanium rod is put into the jaw bone of the individual which acts as the replacement for the root of the missing tooth. Then a false tooth is fitted to the rod. Eventually the bone heals itself around the titanium rod and thus forms a very firm foundation for the replaced tooth. If you have lost tooth/teeth due to injuries, gum diseases or any other reasons, then a dental implant is a good option for you.

In a number of cases there is no other option to restore the missing teeth or its supporting structures other than a dental implant. So it becomes very important for the individual with the missing tooth to get one. Now the main issue arises here. Should one opt for dental implants that are expensive or go abroad to get one at a cheaper rate, as the latest trend?

Here are a few reasons getting a dental implant might not be a good idea after all:

Although dental implants abroad might be cheaper, they are not always the good option despite the fact that dental tourism is becoming all the rage now. Price actually is the main motivating factor that tends to take people abroad for dental implants, however you need to be aware of all the downsides of why it is not a good option and why a dental implant you had done from abroad might fail.

No Proper Aftercare

Aftercare is very important once you get a dental implant. The initial implants might be cheaper abroad, but how would you manage to stay on in a foreign country for aftercare. Dental implants take about six months to heal properly and regular checkups are required after the surgery to ensure proper healing is taking place. So you see, if you chose to get dental implants from abroad there is no way you can keep up with aftercare from the same dentist who performed your surgical procedure.

What IF Something Goes Wrong?

Although the success rate of dental implants is about 90% there is a 10% chance that they might fail. And in the case you chose to get your dental implant from abroad and there is some trouble, how are you going to get it rectified from the doctor who performed the surgery in the first place. And if you seek help from dentists in your city of residence you will definitely have to explain the problem from the start and that could be a nuisance.

Your Insurance Might Not Cover The Cost Abroad

There are chances your insurance might not cover dental implants you get from abroad. Or even if they do, the rules and regulations governing dental implant surgical procedures abroad might not comply with your insurance policies. These factors actually limit your options and account for why you should not get a dental implant from abroad.