Broken or missing teeth is a common issue among Americans, representing a major challenge for dentists and their patients. The primary concern is each case is to ensure that the broken or decaying areas are dealt with as soon as possible to ensure that infection doesn’t set in and that the damage doesn’t spread any further. After the risk of infection has been subdued, the goal is then to work with the patient to find a solution to a beautiful smile without any further pain or discomfort.

Crowns and bridges are the most fixes for broken or missing teeth. Here we will run down what each of these fixes entail to help find which one is best for your individual situation.

For broken or severely decayed teeth, crowns are what is used. With this procedure, we remove the decayed area from the tooth and then gently reshape the tooth. A porcelain crown is then taken from an impression taken of the tooth and cemented in. This allows us to keep the unaffected area of the tooth intact while keeping the natural appearance of the tooth. Crowns last a long time and help make teeth strong over time. A major benefit of crowns is that they can be cared for just like other teeth without crowns. There’s no special treatment necessary.

In comparison, bridges are used to replace missing teeth. The procedure involves inserting an artificial tooth between two others to help create a bridge between teeth. Typically made of porcelain or other materials, a bridge is strong and durable much like a crown. Bridges are also indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

To fabricate a crown or a bridge is dependent upon each individual’s set of teeth and ensuring that they fit is a complex procedure. The materials used in fabrication and the expertise of the cosmetic dental team is what literally makes or breaks a procedure like this. At Friedman Dental Group, we pride ourselves on using only the finest materials to ensure that crowns and bridges are made as safe and long lasting as possible.

It is also our priority to ensure patient comfort and satisfaction at all times. Every person that has come to Friedman Dental Group for a crown or a bridge has wanted a beautiful smile and through the careful work of our professional team, we were able to deliver it to them. Contact us today to find out more information on you can make a perfect smile today with some of our crowns and bridges. Better yet, take a look through the gallery of before and after pictures available on our website to see just some of the work we have completed in past years.

Finding the right cosmetic dentist to help you with your crowns and bridges is a very important decision. For any questions or concerns, contact us today. Take the first step. It may be the best decision you ever make for your smile.