Loose dentures and ill-fitting dentures are an extremely common complaint. However, this is a problem that many people have when they wear dentures. It can be tricky to correct a person’s jawbone as it changes shape once the natural teeth are extracted. This is just a fact of nature since the tooth roots provide the necessary stimulation to the jawbone to ensure it remains healthy and strong. After the teeth are gone, the bone will begin to reabsorb. This results in the ridge that used to be present to support the natural teeth becoming narrower and flatter, offering less retention for dentures.

Dentures that once fit properly may become uncomfortable and loose within just a few years. Loose dentures may begin to painfully rub on the gums and make it somewhat tricky to eat. There are some people who may begin to avoid social situations, especially if it involves eating because of fears of their dentures coming loose or moving in their mouth. Store-bought denture adhesives are not the best long-term solution and can be expensive and messy to use.

Potential Short-Term Solutions

A possible solution is to have a dentist reline or remake the denture. There are some dentists that even offer teeth in one day in Florida. When the denture is relined, the dentist will add material to the fitting surface to ensure it conforms to the new shape of the jawbone. It may also be possible that the denture needs to be remade completely since these are items that should be replaced every few years. However, this won’t stop the jawbone from continuing to change its shape.

The Potential Benefit of Dental Implants

The dental implant is not a new innovation; however, it is something that many denture wearers have not considered before. A dental implant offers a permanent solution for missing teeth. One of the best things about dental implants is that they will never move or not fit in the mouth properly. Also, since it is integrated into the jawbone, it can actually stimulate growth, and minimize the potential of additional issues developing.

If a person is interested in dental implants and wants to know if they may be beneficial for their needs, they should speak with their dentist. They will be able to provide insight regarding whether or not this treatment is right for their needs. Being informed and knowing the options that are available can help a person who is missing teeth get back to a normal, fun and social life.