Everyone wants a smile that is perfect and natural. However, often times teeth problems like decaying, chipping off, yellowing, etc. make your smile lose its charm. If such is the case with your smile, you don’t have to worry as the solution lies within dental implants, giving you your natural and beautiful smile back.


An expert dentist can usually let you know if you are able to get a dental implant or dental implants. If you want to know what to expect, here’s a general overview of the procedure:

The first step of the process will include an examination to see if your oral health is good and you have healthy bone for the dental implant. X-rays and molds of your teeth will be taken to determine this, and you will have to answer some basic questions for the dentist.

During your first dental implant surgery, you will be given local anesthesia and your dentist will make a small opening in your gum to open up the bone existing in your jaw. The bone will be drilled into to form a hole, and the dental implant will be inserted. After that, the dentist will stitch your gum back. You can also expect an x-ray done after this as your dentist may do it to check the implant.

Then comes a period of a few months where your bone gradually bonds with the implant. Once the bone is properly bonded to the dental implant, you will enter the second stage of the surgery which again involves you taking local anesthesia. The dentist will make another small cut to open up the dental implant. The protective screw that was installed in the first surgery will be taken out and your cut will be closed again.

The third stage of the surgery involves waiting a few weeks to ensure the healing process is complete. Then your dentist will insert a crown to complete the dental implant procedure.

If any potential problems occur during your surgery, many of them are easy to remove such as your bone not attaching to the implant or getting an infection. The serious ones are rare but dental implant surgery is still not a simple or trouble-free solution. But, it is a popular procedure and has worked for many people, with the serious complications occurring very rarely.

The dental implant, once properly conducted, will give you many benefits to enjoy. Your smile will improve and it will be comfortable and look natural, so you will not feel uncomfortable when you look at your smile in the mirror. If taken good care of, the dental implant will last you for years. Since your smile is almost the first thing anyone notices, this is a medical beauty process that always turns out in positive results for people. However, to truly enjoy your dental implant, you are required to take good care of your teeth and not mistreat them or use them roughly.