In a perfect world the teeth we have from the time we reach adulthood would last us the entirety of our lives. Unfortunately, despite our best intentions, sometimes this isn’t the case. Every year, Americans around the country face the reality that one or more teeth may need to be replaced. Whether it’s due to an accident, an illness, or simply through the process of aging, it happens. Dental implants are used in this instance to support artificial replacement teeth through an artificial root created out of titanium metal. Sitting comfortably in your mouth and indistinguishable from your real teeth, dental implants are functionally and cosmetically the equal of your natural teeth.

When teeth begin to leave the mouth, this causes erosion in the supporting bones which then begins to compromise the quality of your whole mouth structure. In the past, bridges and such would be used to help with the visual appearance though they offer nothing in the form of a cure for the underlying bone deterioration. Dental implants are a saviour in this regard. They provide a new anchor for the structure of your mouth and help hold it into place. Self-contained, dental implants also don’t affect the integrity of any of the surrounding natural teeth. In a way, dental implants are placeholders for the teeth that were there in order to maintain an attractive visual appearance and to help support the mouth structure to ensure that further damage isn’t done.

If you are interested in obtaining dental implants, it’s important to consult with a dentist to ensure that the procedure is possible. Then, the implant is inserted into the bone. The patient then undergoes a four month healing process where the implant gradually begins to fuse with the bone thus creating a permanent bond.

Following the healing, an impression is made to create the abutment and crown. The abutment is a connector that screws in to the implant and provides a base for the crown. The crown will be constructed to match your other teeth in color and bite. Careful attention is always paid to ensure that the crown doesn’t slip, make any noise, or interfere with any normal processes.

In fact with implants, patients need to have regular dental cleanings and good home care in order for the implants & crowns to stay healthy. Normal wear and tear may result in the crown needing a replacement at some point though it’s not necessarily standard as the implant will become part of your mouth structure for years to come. The dental implants appearance is completely natural and won’t be detected by others. These dental implants are changing the way that people are living their lives, giving them the confidence to eat comfortably, laugh, and smile.

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