If you have gaps between your teeth or have lost teeth, you probably want a good solution to cover it up. Generally, dentures were used as the solution but many people who use dentures face difficulties like discomfort, trouble chewing, improper fitting, etc. Constantly they have to visit their dentist to find a solution but nothing makes dentures permanently trouble-free. Thankfully, now there is the better option of dental implants.


Dental implants are devices that are placed (through surgery) into the jaw bone to act as a support to dental prosthetics. They are precisely placed and fitted into your jaw bone so they are permanent and durable. Dental implants main purposes are to support dentures by making them more stable, durable, and comfortable for the user; to eradicate the need for a partial denture by offering support to the bridges; and to replace lost teeth without damaging the ones remaining.

The benefits of dental implants are numerous especially when compared to traditional dentures. Implants can give you the perfect smile and you no longer have to deal with the hassle that comes with using dentures. They are also easy on your mouth – you can eat and talk easily without feeling like your teeth are coming out or filling your mouth.

There are many additional benefits to dental implants as well such as the natural-teeth feeling that makes you smile with confidence, or the comfort that makes the implant unnoticeable and natural to you. Moreover, dental implants are a permanent solution – if taken good care of, they can last you a lifetime. This is majorly why dental implants prevail over traditional dentures. Many solutions have come and gone, but dental implants have stuck as a popular solution because of permanency, natural look and feel, comfort, durability, efficiency, and more.

Especially used as a solution for tooth loss, dental implants can cover your tooth loss artificially without it feeling or looking artificial. Tooth loss can occur because of tooth decaying, old age, mouth injury, root canal damage, periodontitis, wear and tear, etc. and many people today face tooth loss. Dentures are a solution per se but they do not offer the feeling of natural teeth.

If you are looking to switch to the better solution of dental implants, you will need to consult your dentist and they will take some x-rays to see if your bone is strong enough to endure the surgery and if your oral health is in good condition. If yes to both, you can undergo the surgery process to have a permanent, comfortable solution, saying goodbye to the consistent hassles of traditional dentures.