Ok, so we all know the old adage that wisdom comes with age or maybe it’s age that comes with wisdom.  But what about wisdom teeth? Do we lose our wisdom if we get a wisdom teeth removal? Why do we have them anyway if we don’t need them?

Well, first let’s look at evolution. A million, gazillion years ago, we looked different. We had bigger jaws, which fit more teeth. Also, we didn’t walk upright, had wide foreheads and were quite hairy! Yuk. But now, we are so refined looking, we no longer resemble our distant ancestors.  I’d like to say, we are much better looking. Our jaws are not as big. Most wisdom teeth position themselves horizontally or are angled toward or away from the second molars, if they even erupt at all. Sometimes, they erupt partially, allowing bacteria to enter around the tooth causing infection, which results in pain and swelling, tooth decay and gum disease. Also due to the hard to reach location of wisdom teeth, it is very hard to keep them clean.

When is the best time to have wisdom teeth removed? Well, the younger the better! Why do I say that? When you are younger, the roots of the wisdom teeth are not fully developed and the bone is less dense. For older people, you know what they say? We want to think we age like fine wine, become sweeter as we ripen. That all sounds great, but long story short, recovery and healing time will be longer for the “mature” folks.

Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removal

If wisdom tooth decay’s discovered late, the extraction procedure may become a little difficult This is because the gums beneath the tooth may already be inflamed. Also, pus may already be present. The presence of pus will make anaesthesia ineffective. Thankfully, Friedman Dental Group has a wide range of specialists to cover your specific needs. Dental specialists like Dr. Nathan Eberle, who’s been practising oral and maxillofacial surgery for 5+ years.

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