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Matching natural tooth color

Dental bonding is a reversible cosmetic procedure that is used to restore tooth misalignment, damage and color. Thanks to the reversibility and flexibility of bonding, it can be used in an extensive array of situations making it an excellent tool available to our comprehensive team of general and cosmetic dentists. Regardless of the nature of your cosmetic goals, dental bonding is a fast and convenient approach to reach the quality of smile you deserve.


  • Minimally Invasive
  • Cost-Effective
  • Broad range of use cases

Determine if you are a candidate.

Over the last decade resin composites have evolved to become more durable and resemble the texture and color of natural teeth. The application of bonding can be used in restorative practices like fillings in addition to cosmetic procedures including closing gaps, camouflaging tooth discoloration and repairing chips or cracks in teeth.

Once our bonding specialists work with you to determine the proper treatment, a bonding appointment can be scheduled and performed sometimes as soon as the same day as your initial consultation. Our team will begin by guiding you through a tooth shade selection, prepare your tooth, and apply the bonding composite. The composite is then activated by curing it with a special light “bonding” it to your natural teeth. Finally, your newly designed tooth is polished and ready to bring a shiny new smile into your daily life.

Other Alignment Options

UV Light Curing on Teeth

We’ll accompany you at each step of your smile journey to proactively maintain a healthy, strong, and confident you.

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