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Get $500 off Invisalign

*For a limited time only and with a treatment plan of $2,500 or greater. Consultation must be before December 31, 2023 for offer to apply.

Over the last two decades, dental alignment has progressed in its effectiveness, efficiency, and economy. One of the most significant catalysts in the field has been the constant evolution of Invisalign™ as a consumer alignment tool. Unlike traditional metal braces, Invisalign™ aligners are distinguished by their ability to be removed at any time from the mouth and their clear synthetic material that makes them virtually invisible.

At Friedman Dental we are proud to be orthodontic providers of Invisalign™ at many of our South Florida locations. If you are looking for a modern and efficient solution to dental alignment without metal braces, we are happy to help jumpstart your journey to a straighter, better smile.

Virtually Invisible Clear Synthetic Material

Removable Aligners

Same Effectiveness as Metal Braces

Will Not Impact Your Biting Ability

Determine if you are a candidate.

The path to a straighter smile begins with a visit to our qualified Invisalign™ locations where you will be evaluated for Invisalign™. If our specialists determine you qualify for Invisalign™ treatment the process to get you started is fast and simple. Your mouth will be scanned, and a digital model sent to Invisalign™ to create your sets of aligners that will be molded and sent within a few weeks.

Once you receive your aligners it’s just a matter of wearing them every day, and rotating the sets at set time intervals. Within weeks you should be able to see significant progress. Check-in appointments will be set to monitor your treatment. It’s as easy as that, once you rotate through all the Invisalign™ sets, your smile will be ready to shine like never before.

Other Alignment Options

We’ll accompany you at each step of your smile journey to proactively maintain a healthy, strong, and confident you.

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