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Oral complications can impair us from doing the things we love most – eating and smiling. Thanks to modern medicine, in case of a missing or severely damaged tooth, dental bridges provide an easy and accessible solution that rehabilitates your mouth’s function and shape. At Friedman Dental we provide a wide range of advanced bridging solutions available for any number of teeth. Our dental specialists can help guide you through making the right decisions when it comes to bridges and can recommend alternative solutions or enhancements like dental implants if necessary.


  • Provides a strong, healthy bite
  • Prevents unwanted movement of teeth
  • Restores your ability to chew and speak
  • Restores your smile

Begin your restorative journey towards a healthier you.

To perform a dental bridge our doctors begin by assessing your mouth and creating digital models of the missing or damaged teeth. These models are used to create a specially designed pontic (replacement tooth made from metal, porcelain, or ceramics) that will be “bridged” between two healthy teeth. In as little as two consultations your mouth can go back to chewing, biting, and smiling the way it should.

Other Restoration Options

We’ll accompany you at each step of your smile journey to proactively maintain a healthy, strong, and confident you.

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