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Root Canal treatments are the most frequently performed procedure when trying to save an infected and decayed tooth or one that has experienced serious trauma. In order to prevent the infection from spreading to other teeth, alleviate pain, and restore a long-neglected cavity the root canal has to be exposed, cleaned, disinfected, and then sealed. Thankfully, our team of qualified prosthodontists is masters at performing this serious but quick procedure. You will find that most patients of root canal treatments usually experience immediate relief following surgery and can go back to chewing, biting, and smiling with confidence and joy


  • Reduces the risk of potential jawbone damage
  • Eliminates the need for a surgical extraction
  • Restores bite and chewing ability
  • Restores the natural appearance of teeth

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A typical root canal treatment is designed to remove bacteria from infected canals, gums, and teeth. One of our certified prosthodontist professionals begins the procedure by guiding our designated anesthesiologist to apply the appropriate sedation and proceeds to prepare the area around the soon-to-be-treated tooth. The Prosthodontist then creates an opening in the tooth, removes the dental pulp, and cleans, disinfects, and re-shapes the pulp chamber and root canals. Finally, the tooth is filled, sealed, and prepared for the placement of a restorative piece, most typically a crown.

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