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To protect and restore your teeth effectively we use the latest technology in the field of dentistry. Dental fillings are used to permanently restore any cavities or tooth decay back to health while sealants protect your teeth (usually your molars) from bacteria and plaque buildup that cause dental deterioration. Together our dental specialists use these techniques to prevent damage or recapacitate your teeth to their utmost health potential.


  • Fast application
  • Effective protection and restoration of your teeth
  • Long-term dental health
  • Prevent bacteria and plaque buildup

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Tooth decay happens when bacteria react with leftover carbohydrates in your mouth (food residue) to create an acid that breaks up the enamel and minerals in your teeth, eventually deteriorating your teeth’s layers until a cavity is formed. The most common way to treat a cavity is to remove the decayed area of the tooth, clean it, and “fill” the hole with a solution that will permanently restore it to health. Fillers come in a variety of materials from resin composites to gold.

When your teeth are in full health, our dental experts might apply a sealant to protect your teeth from bacteria and residue buildup. The grooves in your teeth are hubs for residue that help create plaque. The sealant is applied to fill in the grooves and hardened with UV light creating a shielding layer from decay. Unlike fillings, sealants wear away with chewing and represent a temporary enhancement to assist in great oral health maintenance.

Other Restoration Options

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