Listen to ads on radio or TV, see the pop-ups online, and read the ads in your local papers. How many times do you hear or see “high tech dentistry,” or some other catch phrase that promises great dental results because of advanced technology?

 Here’s a secret: the most advanced technology in the world doesn’t work if your dentist doesn’t use it properly! Technology is a tool, one that requires skill and even artistry to master!

Providing patients with good dental care requires the education, experience, and expertise that lead to meticulous attention to detail.

That’s true whether you need a general dentist who can look at your dental x-rays and identify even tiny areas of decay or damage, or a prosthodontist who specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry.

A skilled and experienced dentist will be able to do more with older technology than an inexperienced and unskilled dentist can do with all the “bells and whistles.”

How can you tell which dentist to select for your family’s dental care?

Ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations! You’ll hear about dentists who really care, and dentists who treat their patients like numbers on an assembly line.

Ask your prospective dentist for his/her credentials:

Consider the quality of the school the dentist attended, and where he or she received specialty training. Check on certification. Make sure the dentist you select has met the requirements established by his or her peers to show dedication to patient care and great results.

Before & After Photos of Dentistry:

Finally, ask to see your prospective dentist’s before-and-after photos, the visual proof of the dentist’s expertise!

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