Friedman Dental Group gives pro-bono dental work to Cuban immigrant, helping him to get a smile he would not be able to afford otherwise.

Dr. Eli Friedman, Prosthodontist at Friedman Dental Group, met Giori, a Cuban immigrant who came by boat to South Florida a short time ago. Giori had nothing in Cuba and came to America to find freedom and happiness. He found a job as a weight trainer and worked every day, diligently helping people become healthier. His friendly personality and work ethic inspired everyone he worked with.

Dr. Friedman worked out at the gym where Giori worked as a personal trainer and the two men from different worlds became fast friends. First they spoke about weight training, then about Giori’s homeland – Cuba. Giori spoke about the poverty and lack of dental care in Cuba. Dr. Friedman couldn’t help but notice that Giori never smiled; in fact, he rarely showed his teeth.

Dr. Friedman brought the subject up slowly and finally asked Giori if he would be interested in having his smile back through pro-bono dental work. Giori was extremely happy to have such an opportunity. Dr. Friedman was not surprised that the seven crowns changed Giori’s life. He smiles all the time now.

The gym’s owner told Dr. Friedman:

Dr. Eli Friedman Profile“Do you really understand what you did for Giori? Everyone wondered what happened to his teeth but was afraid to ask him. How can you bring up something like that?”

“You gave him his smile and his life back. He can now have that extra confidence to talk to people and smile and laugh! You gave him more than teeth!”

Giori was so grateful to Dr. Friedman for doing so much. The big smile he shows to the world every day is proof.

Today, you can find Giori and Dr. Friedman weight training together. Two men from two different worlds helping people regain their confidence and smiles!