cost of dental implantsIt’s no secret that good teeth are important. A 2012 study revealed that 74% of American adults think an unattractive smile can inhibit career success, and 96% believe an attractive smile makes a person more desirable to the opposite sex.

But if you’ve lost teeth due to tooth decay or an accident, you may need dental implants to replace them. But what if you can’t afford the cost?

Dental insurance typically doesn’t cover procedures like teeth in a day implants because they consider them cosmetic, but there are plenty of ways to lower the cost of dental implants.

    • Shop around for affordable dentists: About 80% of dentists are general practitioners and the remaining 20% specialize in an area of practice. You can benefit greatly from looking at an assortment. No matter who you pick, you want someone with expertise, but you can often lower the cost of dental implants by comparing several dentists. Always be aware of why costs are lower, though. Are they using a cheap lab overseas that may not be regulated? These are all things to ask when you meet with a dentist.
    • Go to a dental school: Dental schools usually offer dramatically discounted procedures if you allow a student dentist to work on your teeth. Though there is some element of risk, students are usually supervised by experienced dentists throughout the procedure, so it can be worth it to save the money.
    • Check your medical insurance: The cost of dental implants isn’t always covered by your dental insurance. However, it may be covered as a medical procedure. If your teeth were lost in an accident, you may be able to include dental implants in the procedures your insurance covers. You may also be able to get implants through Medicare or Medicaid if it’s deemed a medical necessity to prevent further bone loss. If you’re filing a personal injury lawsuit, you may be able to be compensated for the cost of dental implants as well.

Affordable dental implants don’t have to be a pipe dream. Talk to your dentist to find out more ways you can save on your procedure and get the smile you want.