Snap in dentures in Florida are a kind of over-denture which gets some support from implants they snap onto. Unlike standard dentures which rest on the gums and usually fit less firmly inside the mouth, this special dental appliance anchors to several implant posts and thereby doesn’t slide or slip in place when speaking or eating.

For the dental appliance placement at least 2 titanium posts are planted upon your bottom jaw and 4 implants on the top jaw. Then this device with unique removable attachments and false teeth will snap onto the implants. The dental device doesn’t require adhesives to firmly fit inside the mouth. The implants offer solid anchorage to the denture. This type of denture may easily be snapped on and off.


Various kinds of snap on dentures available within the marketplace include the partial and full types and ball retained and bar retained.

A full snap on denture includes a great choice for those who don’t like the feeling of dentures on the roof of their mouth (palate). This palate-less appliance is attached to 4 to 5 implant posts for a stronger hold. Those in need of a few to several replacements may choose partial snap in dentures.

A bar retained snap in denture requires at least 3 implants, whereas a ball-retained denture needs at least two. For a bar retained denture, 3 or more implants are placed inside the jaw bone, and a thin metal bar which runs alongside the curve of the jaw is attached to the implants. The denture that is fitted with clips or additional kinds of attachments will rest on the bar.

A ball retained snap in denture works with a ball and socket mechanism. Dental implants inside the jawbone hold a metal ball-shaped ‘male’ attachment which fits inside a socket or ‘female’ attachment upon the denture.

Benefits of Snap in Dentures in Florida

  • Snap in dentures may result in a plethora of oral health advantages, in addition to improved lifestyle and renewed self-confidence.
  • The dental device will improve your facial aesthetics and give you better clarity of speech.
  • It’ll eliminate the necessity for messy denture adhesives or creams to keep the device in place.
  • With the innovative prosthetic denture, all chewing efficiency improves, and it’s possible to consume any type of food.
  • An implant supported denture prevents your jawbone from resorbing. 

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