CORAL SPRINGS—Patients who are nervous in the dental chair or who require multiple procedures but don’t have the time for multiple trips to the dentist may now schedule “sleep dentistry,” an innovation recently introduced at the Friedman Dental Group in Coral Springs, Plantation, and Palm Beach.

The light I-V sedation is administered by an anesthesiologist who remains with the patient throughout treatment to ensure comfort and safety. It completes the full range of sedation options offered by the Friedman Dental Group, recognized as a premier dental destination offering the most advanced dental care delivered by a team of highly qualified professionals.

“We are continually seeking to improve the dental experience for all our patients,” said Dr. Eli Friedman, founder of Friedman Dental Group and one of only 600 prosthodontists in the country. “Some patients require only local numbing for even advanced procedures, but we know that many patients delay needed dental work because of unpleasant memories and possibly painful experiences in the past. By the time they are ready to take control of their dental health, they may need extensive work to restore functional, attractive teeth. Sleep dentistry allows us to make patients comfortable, while ensuring they will have little or no memory of the work performed.

“Sleep dentistry with I-V sedation provides patients with an avenue to achieve good dental care without having to deal with their fears of needles, the dental drill, or discomfort,” added Dr. Friedman. “It also allows us to accomplish several procedures in a single appointment, sparing patients the added expense and lost time of multiple visits to the dental office.”

Dr. Friedman observed that patients who schedule their first procedures with I-V sedation because of fear and nervousness about past experiences often are able to “step down” their need for sedation as their comfort level with the office, staff, and dentists increases:

“We are able to turn back years of apprehension and dental neglect in just one visit,” he assured.