Exterior view of Friedman Dental Group's modern facility in Coral Springs

Bringing Coral Springs’ Dental Excellence to Coconut Creek Residents

Bringing Coral Springs’ Dental Excellence to Coconut Creek Residents

Exterior view of Friedman Dental Group's modern facility in Coral Springs
In the vicinity of Coconut Creek, finding a reliable and trusted dentist is crucial for maintaining optimal oral health. At Friedman Dental Group, located conveniently in Coral Springs, we extend our high-quality dental care services to our neighbors from Coconut Creek and surrounding areas.


Expertise Rooted in Compassion and Professionalism


Our team of seasoned dentists and dental hygienists bring a wealth of experience and a gentle touch to every patient interaction. We believe that a warm, reassuring environment is essential to alleviate any anxiety associated with dental visits, ensuring a comfortable and positive experience.


Comprehensive Dental Care Services


Whether you require a routine dental checkup, or specialized treatment, we provide an array of dental services  tailored to meet your individual needs. Our modern facility is equipped with state-of-the-art dental technology to ensure precise diagnoses and effective treatments.


Your Dental Health, Our Priority


At Friedman Dental Group, we prioritize your dental health and work diligently to provide accessible and convenient solutions. Our Coral Springs location is a short drive from Coconut Creek, making it a feasible choice for individuals and families seeking exemplary dental care.

Friendly Friedman Dental Group team welcoming a patient

Building a Community of Healthy Smiles


We take pride in fostering a community-centric approach, building long-lasting relationships with our patients from Coconut Creek and beyond. Our commitment to dental excellence and patient satisfaction has made us a preferred choice for many seeking a trusted dentist nearby.


Easy Accessibility and Flexible Scheduling


Understanding the busy lives of our patients, we offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate varying schedules. Our proximity to Coconut Creek and easy accessibility ensure that top-notch dental care is within reach for everyone.

Dentist at Friedman Dental Group examining a patient with utmost care

Discover Friedman Dental Group

We invite you to discover the Friedman Dental Group difference. Our unwavering commitment to providing compassionate, expert dental care makes us a trusted choice for many in the Coconut Creek area. Schedule your appointment today and take the first step towards achieving a radiant, healthy smile.



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