Exterior view of Friedman Dental Group's modern facility in Coral Springs

Discover a New Wave of Dental Excellence Near Coral Gables at Our Miami Location

Discover a New Wave of Dental Excellence Near Coral Gables at Our Miami Location

Exterior view of Friedman Dental Group's modern facility in Coral Springs

For those residing in or around the scenic region of Coral Gables, superior dental care is just a short drive away at Friedman Dental Group’s Miami location. Our establishment thrives on bringing innovative dental solutions closer to communities, merging modernity with the age-old ethos of genuine care.


A Fresh Approach to Dental Care


Friedman Dental Group is continually evolving, adopting newer technologies and methodologies to offer a fresh, contemporary approach to dental care. Our Miami location is a hub of dental innovation, where tradition meets modernity to provide a holistic dental care experience.


Your Community of Dental Experts


Our Miami team comprises seasoned professionals who are not just adept at their craft but are also community-driven. We value the unique charm and essence of Coral Gables and strive to extend services that resonate with the distinct needs and preferences of its residents.


Advanced Dental Solutions, A Drive Away


Just a short drive from Coral Gables, our Miami location is your gateway to advanced dental solutions. From preventive care to restorative and cosmetic dentistry, we’re here to serve every dental need with a blend of precision and compassion.

Friendly Friedman Dental Group team welcoming a patient

Building Relationships, One Smile at a Time


We believe in the power of community and relationships. Our interaction goes beyond just dental procedures; it’s about forging a lasting relationship with you, understanding your needs, and contributing positively to the Coral Gables community through our dedicated service.


Embark on a Dental Journey like No Other

At Friedman Dental Group’s Miami location, every visit is aimed at not just addressing your dental concerns but enhancing your overall dental experience. We welcome the residents of Coral Gables to embark on a transformative dental journey with us.


Dentist at Friedman Dental Group examining a patient with utmost care



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