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Dr. Eli Friedman Interviewed as Expert on Zygoma Implants

Dr. Eli Friedman Interviewed as Expert on Zygoma Implants

Dr. Eli Friedman was recently interviewed and published as an expert on Zygoma Implants (no bone implants) in the latest edition of “Inside Dentistry”. Read about the benefits of starting your advanced dental treatment with OneSolution® Dental Implant Centers, where we provide full mouth dental implant treatment and teeth in a single visit.

For patients in this situation, there is not enough bone to support traditional dental implants and it can be a very hopeless situation. In most cases, these patients have already faced rejection and deemed, “not a good candidate” for traditional dental implants.

There are very few dental implant centers in the world that have the combination of specialized providers, expertise, and advanced technology to provide a full mouth dental implant solution for patients with little to no bone. Especially not in a single day.

At OneSolution Dental Implant Centers, we have helped hundreds of patients in this exact situation to receive full mouth dental implants and teeth in a single day. What our highly specialized team is able to achieve is dramatically life changing.



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