Unstable or missing teeth can cause a host of health issues beyond their obvious cosmetic concerns.

When your teeth are loose, or when you are missing a tooth, your chewing is less efficient than nature intended. That means you can’t eat the variety of foods that are necessary for proper nutrition. And that means that you won’t get the vitamins and minerals necessary to support good health.

Missing teeth pose another problem. When a tooth is missing, the jawbone that supported that tooth is no longer stimulated to carry nutrients to nourish it … and when the flow of nutrients slows, it affects adjacent teeth. Over time, those adjacent teeth loosen and are lost, too, and that causes a domino effect unless you find a way to reinvigorate the jawbone. The “gold standard” for halting the resorption of the jawbone is the dental implant.

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots, fashioned from biocompatible titanium. They provide an effective means for replacing a single tooth, or several missing or unhealthy teeth, even for replacing an entire upper or lower arch. They provide a more stable solution than traditional dentures that can slide around on continually narrowing. And they restore about 90% of your original bite function, so you can chew a variety of nutritious foods with confidence.

Traditional implant treatment involves surgery to open the gum tissue so six or more implants can be placed into the upper or lower jawbone. It can take many months for osseointegration to take place, a process by which bone tissue grows around and adheres to the implant, firmly anchoring it in the jawbone.

Once osseointegration is complete, the implants provide an extremely sturdy support for the restorations that are attached to them.

Advances in implant technology make it possible for the skilled dentist to place as few as four implants through the gum tissue and into the jawbone, without surgery, and to place a temporary implant-secured denture, all on the same day.

Thanks to “Teeth in a Day,” patients have a more affordable and less time-consuming option for replacing their missing teeth, and at no time will they leave their dentist’s office without a full set of functional teeth.

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