Dr. Katia Friedman Profile

Dr. Katia Friedman – General, Cosmetic, and Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Katia Friedman is recognized for the very gentle way she practices dentistry. She graduated in 2000 from Canada’s reputable University of Montreal, and after several years of practice in her hometown, she moved to Florida and acquired a well-established dental practice in Coral Springs.

Today, Dr. Katia Friedman offers personalized and attentive dental care, performing comprehensive general, restorative, cosmetic, and pediatric dentistry. Her 17 years of experience allow her to focus on relieving people from their fear of the dentist and from their past bad experiences.
Dr. Friedman helps people become confident and fearless, allowing them to come back to the dentist for routine quality care in an extremely pleasant and painless environment. Dr. Katia Friedman strives to remain at the cutting edge of dental technology and has acquired additional successful South Florida dental practices with her husband, Dr. Eli Friedman.

The Friedman Family